Mobile Loading Platforms

Chase Mobile Loading Platforms

If you haven’t got dedicated loading bays or simply don’t want to tie them up whilst unloading deliveries, this Mobile Loading Platform creates a safe working environment at the rear of the vehicle.

Easily moveable by using a forklift the platform gives a very stable working area.

With a safe working load of 3000kg (or more if required) the size of the platform can be designed to suit your requirements. It comes complete with an access ladder, chains to secure openings when not in use and flaps to bridge the gap to the truck. Forklift pockets are integrate to ensure safe transport with a forklift truck. With no hydraulics to maintain, service costs are kept to a minimum.

These are also ideal when emptying trucks or containers of non-palletised goods, move the goods onto pallets on the platform and then use a forklift to collect the pallet.

Various Options Include

  • Moveable casters
  • Canopy to keep the rain off
  • Various gates and handrails
  • Alternative sizes
  • Securing chains and vehicle chocks
  • Additional antislip surfaces
  • Access ladder
  • Bridging flaps
  • Chains to secure openings
  • Access steps
  • Handrails
  • Tried and tested design

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