Loading Bay Equipment

Loading Bay Equipment

At Chase Equipment, we provide high-quality loading bay equipment designed to optimise efficiency, enhance safety, and streamline operations for businesses of all sizes. Our range of products is tailored to meet your specific loading and unloading needs, ensuring a seamless workflow for your facility.

Explore our diverse selection of loading bay equipment:

Modular Loading Docks

A modular loading dock is a great way to convert a ground-level warehouse operation or any building inside or outside with no loading dock facility turning it into a dedicated loading bay area suitable for pallet trucks, roll cage and forklift truck operations and incorporating cross dock facilitation.

Dock Levellers

Ensure smooth transitions between trucks and loading docks with our durable dock levellers. Chase Equipment dock levellers are well-made solutions for precisely compensating/bridging the height gap between the vehicle bed and the loading dock.

Edge of Dock Levellers

For a more space-saving solution without compromising functionality, explore our edge of dock levellers. Edge of Dock Levellers are a safe and economical alternative to loose bridging plates and inbuilt electro–hydraulic units.

Industrial Doors

Discover our robust industrial doors designed to withstand heavy usage while providing security and energy efficiency. We have 3 varieties of industrial doors:

  • Industrial Sectional Doors
  • Insulated & Non Insulated Roller Shutters
  • High-Speed Doors

Dock Shelters

Protect your loading area from the elements and improve energy efficiency with our range of dock shelters. Our dock shelters have a proven track record of success supported by design innovation coupled with the use of high-specification materials

Dock Seals

Enhance the safety and efficiency of your loading process with our dock seals. Dock seals from Chase have an unsurpassed reputation for performance and durability under the most adverse of operating conditions.

Mobile Loading Platforms

Experience mobility and flexibility with our mobile loading platforms. If you haven’t got dedicated loading bays or simply don’t want to tie them up whilst unloading deliveries, this mobile loading platform creates a safe working environment at the rear of the vehicle.

Our commitment is to provide you with reliable, durable, and innovative loading bay equipment solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact our team today to discuss how our products can improve your loading operations.

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