Dock Levellers

Chase Dock Levellers

Chase Equipment dock levellers are well-made solutions for precisely compensating/bridging the height gap between vehicle bed and the loading dock. Using our dock leveller, the load can be moved in or out of the vehicle in a single continuous horizontal movement.

There are two types of dock levellers: swing-lip and telescopic lip.

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Dock Levellers

  • All models are of steel construction and incorporate specially selected materials such as anti-slip deck and lip plates with high grade steels for hinge bushes and fulcrum pins
  • Specific factors have been considered within the design of the leveller support frame to ensure that the loads transferred from the deck are correctly distributed to minimise long term fatigue
  • The design of the deck permits limited diagonal torsion movement without fatigue to its structural integrity. This will enable loading/unloading of canted vehicle beds
  • The electro-hydraulic system is powered by a motor rated between 0.75 and 1.1 kw depending on leveller size, requiring a supply voltage of 415/440V 3 phase and earth
  • The control voltage is 24 volt via the transformer housed within the wall-mounted control box which offers protection to IP55
  • Corrosion resistance is minimised with a high specification rust inhibiting paint
  • Pit sitting or suspended frame which allow use of tail-lift accommodation
  • All of our units are manufactured to the latest European Standards and meet all safety requirements of the European directive BS EN 1398:2009

Dock Levellers

Available Options

  • Free standing dock leveller, no need to form pit or loading dock
  • Door interlock facility to avoid door damage
  • Vehicle Restraint System interlock facility
  • High impact absorbing buffers
  • Galvanised finish to main structure
  • Foam insulation to dock leveller under deck for sound reduction and insulation purposing
  • Hinged lip or extending lip
  • Buffers
  • Kerb angles for pit edge construction
  • Pit suspended frame Dock Levellers (both swing and telescopic)
  • Cast in Dock Levellers (both swing and telescopic)
  • Brush seals to side and rear of deck assembly to assist in vermin & temperature control
  • Automatic docking light interface facility

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